Uniqlo Winter Travel

It’s easy to stay in our comfort zones. But for those who venture wherever, there’s the exhilaration and wonders of discovery that keep us wanting more. So don’t hold back. Put yourself out there, literally. Pitch a tent. Build a fire. Hang out solo or make friends in the wild. Expose your senses and be rewarded with a deeper awareness. Block out the cold and keep the warmth in. Go wherever in style wearing our warmest pants yet. Windproof Warm Lined Pants Men’s Windproof Warm Lined Pants RM149.90 The inside of our pants are lined with fleece, keeping you snug and warm while preventing wind from entering. Women’s Windproof Warm Lined Pants RM149.90 Product launch dates are subject to change. Available product lines, patterns and colors may differ depending on the store. Designs, colors, patterns, specifications and prices may also vary and are subject to change. While stocks last.