Uniqlo Winter Travel

HEATTECH Special fabric that generates, traps & retains heat Moisture from your body is absorbed to be converted into heat, which is retained to keep you warm. The fabric’s exceptional stretchiness also enables you to move about comfortably and easily. Ultra-fine fibres for exceptional heat insulation HEATTECH fibres are only one-tenth the width of a human hair. These are used to create many layers of insulation to trap hot air effectively and achieve excellent heat retention. Which HEATTECH for me? HEATTECH Thin yet warm. Layer stylishly without bulking. HEATTECH EXTRA WARM A brushed lining provides 1.5 times* the warmth of the original HEATTECH. HEATTECH ULTRA WARM 2.25 times* warmer than the original. The warmest in HEATTECH history. *Calculated based on the CLO Value that measures heat resistance. Compare to regular HEATTECH. Consider these: Are you mountain hiking or city exploring? How well do you take to lower temperatures? Simply choosing the warmest HEATTECH may not work for everyone. Depending on your body, you may need different types for different activities. Experience the difference yourself in-store. Product launch dates are subject to change. Available product lines, patterns and colors may differ depending on the store. Designs, colors, patterns, specifications and prices may also vary and are subject to change. While stocks last.